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ClayStack's Innovative Initial Governance Diversification (IGD) Program

ClayStack's Initial Governance Diversification (IGD) program is a meticulously crafted mechanism designed to collectively engage Ethereum (ETH) users, providing powerful incentives for staking within our ecosystem. Active participants in IGD gain the opportunity to accumulate Clay Points, seamlessly convertible to $CLAY tokens at a 1:1 ratio. Users depositing $ETH in ClayStack's protocol can earn up to 40 Clay Points for every 1 $ETH deposited.

IGD Reward Calculation​

The weekly reward calculation involves several key factors:

  1. Clay Points Distribution:

    • IGD allocates Clay Points for activities such as staking and providing liquidity within the ClayStack protocol.
  2. Weekly Distribution Limits:

    • Each week establishes both a floor and a ceiling for the distribution of Clay Points across diverse activities.

Understanding Reward Rates for csETH Deposits​

Base Rate:​

Users earn $CLAY through the Base Rate upon depositing $ETH. The Base Rate is dynamically adjusted to maintain equilibrium, attracting liquidity and influencing the demand for csETH.

Boosted $CLAY Rewards and Vesting​

During the IGD period, users enjoy boosted $CLAY rewards. These enhanced rewards commence vesting after a 6-month period, ensuring users can fully capitalize on the benefits of ClayStack's Ethereum liquid staking protocol.

Community-Driven Boosted Rewards​

Weekly Depositor Rate:​

Increased stakers for the week result in a higher number of $CLAY earned by everyone. For every increase of 1 ETH in the Weekly Staker counter, users earn an additional 0.1 Clay Points.

Weekly Deposit Rate:​

Higher ETH deposits for the week lead to an increased number of $CLAY earned by everyone. Every time the Weekly Deposits counter increases by 100 ETH, users earn an additional 0.01 Clay Points.

As the ClayStack protocol gains more users, the demand for csETH rises, subsequently increasing the distribution of $CLAY points. IGD operates akin to a speedometer, reflecting user activity levelsβ€”rising with increased deposits and decreasing during periods of reduced activity. The exciting part? It refreshes every 7 days!

Bonus Mission​


Users can earn 10% of other users' base Clay Points by referring them using their unique referral link. To generate your referral link and receive a share of the referred entities' rewards, the user must be a csETH holder.

More Mission Coming Soon​