CLAY Token


CLAY, ClayStack's native token, is an ERC-20 compatible and holds a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of the ClayStack platform. As the native governance token for ClayStack, CLAY is indispensable for key governance decisions, validator selection, and more.

The multifaceted utility of CLAY extends to several critical aspects:

Protocol Growth and Ecosystem Incentivization: CLAY plays a central role in fostering the growth of the ClayStack protocol through incentivization schemes and ecosystem development.

Community Management, Education, and Outreach: Engaging actively with the community, CLAY contributes to effective community management, education initiatives, and outreach programs.

Despite the impending confirmation of its final design, CLAY is already set to serve these initial functions. The ultimate aim is to secure the listing of CLAY tokens upon release, ensuring broader accessibility and liquidity.

With a maximum total supply capped at 100 million, 5% of the total supply is thoughtfully allocated for community rewards via the Initial Governance Diversification (IGD) program, emphasizing the commitment to inclusivity and community-driven growth within the ClayStack ecosystem.

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