How to ReStake with ClayStack

ClayStack is a the first modular and decetralized liquid restaking protocol atop of EigenLayer. Restaking with ClayStack is as simple as depositing your ETH or LSTs such as stETH and rETH via smart contracts that are governed by ClayStack on EigenLayer.

In turn, you will receive a yield-bearing asset in the form of csETH. Please note that the yield will not include earnings from EigeLayer.

ClayStack ensures a user-friendly experience, eliminating the need for additional actions, as ClayStack's contracts autonomously handle the restaking process. The best part, unlike other LRT tokens, csETH remains unlocked, offering flexibility in DeFi protocols while enjoying dual rewards. Existing holders seamlessly transition into restaking, while new users start earning upon deposit.

You can restake any amount of ETH, maximizing rewards on your entire staked ETH. The distribution of points is proportional to csETH holdings, conveniently tracked on ClayStack's staking dashboard.

For each ETH deposited you will get a certain amount of CLAY points i.e. 20 CLAY points at the time of writing. This number will change as the TVL will increase on the protocol. Each of these CLAY points can be redeemed at 1:1 ratio on TGE unlike any other extremely diluted LRTs in the market.

Ready to Restake? Follow these Simple Steps

Step 1 - Visit ClayStack

Step 2 - Connect your wallet

Step 3 - Deposit ETH

Step 4 - Watch your rewards grow!

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