1. Visit ClayStack

Ensure that the URL is correct.

2. Connect Wallet

Select from one of the supported wallets

3. Ensure you are on Ethereum network

If not the switch to ethereum network

4. Choose Asset

Please note that the LST assets will be converted back into ETH and natively restaked on @EigenLayer.

5. Enter Amount

Enter any amount you wish to restake and click on restake once you have double checked the restake amount.

6. Review

Review the transaction carefully before confirming it.

7. Verify

Once confirmed, you can check the transaction on Etherscan. Don't forget to add csETH to your wallet

. View Rewards

Click Add csETH to wallet at the end of transaction to add to wallet or Click the metamask icon on the wallet balance section of the app to add it to metamask.

9. To Unstake

If you wish to unstake, simply go to the unstake tab and use flash exit (for instant liquidity) or standard withdrawals (if you are not in a hurry)

Restake now and tell us all about your restaking experience!

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