SSV Guide

To onboard your node with ClayStack during the whitelist SSV mainnet phase, follow the steps outlined below. Upon successfully completing the preceding steps, your nodes will become eligible to receive delegations from the ClayStack pool. For SSV nodes, rewards payment is in ETH, which can be withdrawn through ClayStack's Node Management Dashboard.

Step 1: Verify Whitelisting in SSV

Ensure that you have received operator whitelist status by registering directly through SSV.

Step 2: Set Up Your SSV Node

  1. Set up your client Installation Guide.

  2. Enable MEV Boost in your client and SSV node MEV Configuration.


    a. List of Claystack recommended MEV relays for the Ethereum Mainnet network.

    * Aestus 
    * Agnostic Gnosis 
    * BloXroute Max Profit 
    * Manifold 
    * Ultra Sound

    b. Use Claystack NodeManager as Fee recipient.

     "claystack_nodeManager": "0x349405b80C8bAfd74DA9d4308F3c7b60B4Bf10E5"
  3. Register your SSV node with SSV contracts Registration.

  4. You will need your operator ID to register the node with ClayStack.

Step 3: Register with ClayStack's Node Management Dashboard

Register your operator ID on ClayStack's Node Management Dashboard. Make sure to use the same owner account as in SSV for successful verification. Rewards will be claimed using this address exclusively.

Step 4: SSV Node Settings

For the new SSV node, ensure the following conditions are set:

Step 4.1 Add ClayStack to the Whitelist

Add ClayStack's node management contract to the whitelist. This can be accomplished by calling the setOperatorWhitelist function on the SSVNetwork.sol smart contract. You can also trigger the transaction directly from ClayStack's dashboard.

For testnet:

"claystack_goerli": "0xF686837140B19113b598e7EC32a6405E61bc0FaB"

For mainnet:

"claystack_mainnet": "0x87393BE8ac323F2E63520A6184e5A8A9CC9fC051"

Step 4.2 Set 0% SSV Fees

Set your SSV node fee to zero. Node operator fees will be paid in ETH to the node operator, and you can claim rewards using the ClayStack Node Operator Admin Dashboard.

  • First, call declareOperatorFee

  • Execute executeOperatorFee

Step 4.3 Active Node

Ensure your node is active and ready for inclusion in a validation cluster.

Step 5: Review the Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

ClayStack will provide you with a Service-Level Agreement (SLA). To proceed with delegation, both parties must agree to the terms outlined in the SLA. Carefully review the SLA and its conditions, confirming your acceptance with ClayStack.

Node Registration Guide

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