CLAY & EigenLayer Points

CLAY Points

Clay Points function as reward points within the ClayStack ecosystem and can be seamlessly converted into CLAY tokens following the Token Generation Event (TGE). This conversion occurs at a 1:1 ratio, establishing a direct correlation between Clay Points and CLAY tokens. The maximum total supply of CLAY token in capped at 100 million.


The distribution of Clay Points is calculated on a weekly basis, aggregating several rewards to determine the total Clay Points earned by users per week. The calculation is as follows:

Total CLAY reward = Base Rewards (R1) + Referral Reward (R2) + Leaderboard RewardCLAY/Week (R3)


Base Rewards

R1 = D× baseRate, where

D = Amount of ETH deposited by User

Note: Currently, baseRate is 20CLAY/ETH/Week.

Referral Reward

R2 = (Z × baseRate) × 10%, where

Z = Amount of ETH referred in a week

Leaderboard Reward

R3 = (PR (PI) × PC)× D

PR = Reward based on position

PC = Cycles for which position on leaderboard is maintained (Position cycle is 48 hours)

PI = Position on leaderboard

NOTE : PR = { 1: 25, 2: 18, 3: 15, 4: 12, 5: 10, 6: 8, 7: 6, 8: 4, 9: 2, 10: 1 }


Total Rewards= (D × baseRate) + ((X × 0.1) × D) + ((Y × 0.01) × D)+((Z × baseRate) × 10%) +((PR(PI) × PC) × D)

EigenLayer Restaked Points

Restaked points quantify your role in enhancing EigenLayer's security, reflecting staking involvement based on the accumulated stake duration.

For instance, a user staking 1 ETH for 1 hour earns 1 restaked point. ClayStack fully distributes all restaking points obtained through its users' deposits.

Note: EigenLayer Restaked points have an approximate 24-hour delay to accommodate the setup and provisioning of Ethereum nodes.

Where will the points be displayed?

They show on the the ClayStack Dapp once you connect your wallet. These points will accrue in real time per block.

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