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CLAY Token is not yet publicly available. Please watch out for scams involving false distributions of CLAY.

ClayStack is currently organized as a foundation and a community of more than 20,000 members. The protocol is in transition to a DAO, to become fully decentralized and build the infrastructure and ecosystem for scalable staking solutions.

To enable the decentralization, community driven development and decision-making, the CLAY token will be introduced as a governance token for the different csToken integrations and protocols.

CLAY Token

CLAY is an ERC20 utility and governance token that empowers the community to provide operational guidance on the staking protocols and governance to the protocol.

Community members, users of csTokens, node validators, and other dapps integrating csTokens will participate on the protocol improvement and development


ClayStack is currently governed by the ClayStack Foundation. ClayStack aims to transition into a DAO, where the DAO's main responsibilities would be:

  • Custody of assets
  • Adjustments to fees
  • Grants proposals and approvals
  • Community rewards
  • Cross-chain ecosystem