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About ClayStack FAQ

What is ClayStack?

ClayStack is a decentralized liquid staking protocol that offers liquid-staked tokens (csTokens) for PoS chains. These can be used across the entire DeFi ecosystem.

Who is behind ClayStack?

ClayStack was founded by a team with extensive experience in staking, running validating infrastructure and developing smart contracts for the EVM. With this experience and a deep understanding of PoS Blockchains, ClayStack has received backing from top crypto VC funds, including CoinFund and Parafi, to build the next-gen liquid staking protocol.

Is ClayStack a DAO? If not, will it eventually turn into a DAO?

No. ClayStack is currently a foundation. And yes, ClayStack aims to transition into a DAO.

What makes ClayStack unique?

ClayStack offers a seamless staking experience to its users by going over all the minute details such as up-time, decentralization, node reliability, smart contract security and more. With ClayStack, all the complexity of staking is abstracted away in a secure and effective manner. You can get access to the staking rewards without the hassle of the technicalities.

How can I contribute to ClayStack?

We have a vibrant and young community and would love for you to be a part of it. Feel free to reach out on Discord, Twitter or Telegram.